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Managing your web site with Artlook for Galleries

By providing a seamless integration between your in-house inventory database and the way you market and promote your gallery on-line through your web site, Artlook provides enormous savings in terms of management time, and additional benefits in terms of always being able to display information about stock, exhibitions and artists which is completely up-to-date. No waiting for updates – your changes can be uploaded instantly.

Artlook - web sites for Art Galleries

Throughout the system Artlook provides additional functions to allow you to manage how individual stock items and images, artists and their associated details, events and exhibitions, are to be grouped and displayed on your web site. The system continually monitors any changes which are relevant to the web site and on your next up-load will implement those changes automatically.

Although Artlook is an “in-house” system, installed on your own computers rather than accessed as a “hosted” on-line application, the use of the Artlook Web Uploader application means that the uploading of images and data to your web site is extremely straightforward and simply part of the Artlook system itself.

The Uploader handles all aspects of image management, creating thumbnail and full size images automatically to sizes as appropriate for your site – and you can even over-ride individual images to fine tune their appearance on your site if necessary (this can often be useful when images are automatically cropped on a web page).

Virtually any inventory or artist information contained within the system can be uploaded and displayed as required and it is even possible to use the powerful “event type” settings to create Artlook events which are used to hold text specifically for use on the web site – in this way the system can enable you to manage “static” areas of your site (such as home page text or news sections).

Integrating Artlook with your web site naturally involves changes to the current site’s structure. Most gallery management system suppliers will insist that this is undertaken by them but we are happy to provide our Artlook Web Uploader application for installation on your system and provide full support and assistance to your web designer or developer to help them to integrate with the on-line database and image folders. Alternatively we can undertake any development work ourselves or even create an entirely new site for you – we have a continually growing portfolio of web sites which we have created to meet the very different needs of our many clients and you can learn more in the Artlook Web Sites section by clicking here.

When we have been chosen to undertake any web site creation or re-development we make no charge for the Artlook Web Uploader application – where this work is undertaken by your own designer or developer there is a fixed one-off charge for the application.

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