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Frequently asked questions

Can you convert my existing database into Artlook?

Our standard set up package includes the conversion of any existing customer/client databases you may have so that you copy of Artlook is ready to start working for you as soon as it is installed. We have a wide experience of converting Filemaker, Access or Excel based database into Artlook formats and would anticipate being able to convert any system, including another gallery management system. If required, we can also convert previous inventory systems for import into Artlook. Hourly charges apply and the work is subject to quotation once we have seen the inventory database to be converted

How configurable is Artlook?

We have designed Artlook to be as flexible as possible and to meet the needs of the widest range of user types as possible. You can change and add to any of the (unlimited) Master Lists within the system and select from numerous options controlling financial information, images sizes - even the layout of address formats to allow for international variations. Many of the field names and labels can also be changed.

Artlook can also be “translated” – the system is provided with a full Spanish translation as standard and it is possible to create “custom” dictionaries should you wish to use your own translations – this is also useful if you wish to simply change the “terminologies” used within the software.

Will I need training? What sort of support will I get?

Our standard set up package includes a series of telephone training sessions to enable you to start using the system productively as soon as possible and you can of course also order more sessions as you progress. On-site training can also be arranged.

The software contains a full and detailed Help system (which is also context sensitive to provide you with automatic help relative to what you are doing with the system).

We take support very seriously and are committed to providing a fast and detailed email and telephone service to assist with any question or request for advice. Full and unlimited access to our support services is covered by the Artlook licence.

Remote support is also possible using Logmein ( – this enables you to give us access to your system for immediate diagnosis of any difficulties or even interactive training sessions.

What happens to my data if I stop using the system?

The databases within Artlook conform to standard SQL structures and as such can be interrogated by many free third party tools thereby allowing export of all data stored. The software also provides special “exportable” report formats which enable the very straightforward creation of spreadsheets based on either inventory or contact data together with the facility to re-generate JPEG images as individual files.

I found Artlook because I am interested in a new web site which I can manage myself, but the full version of the software is more than I need. Do you have a ‘Lite’ version?

Yes we do – it is called Artlook On-Line and we provide this free of charge for use with web sites which we build that are not going to be managed by the full version of Artlook for Galleries. This is a browser based application so you can access it from any computer (Mac or PC) with an Internet connection and gives you a full cataloguing and artist management system together with a contact manager – the system is ideal for managing a gallery web site. Read more by clicking here.

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