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Features - Working with contact records

With Artlook's fully integrated contacts database, managing your clients, your prospects, your arists and suppliers has never been easier. As a fully integrated system, Artlook updates every part of the system automatically which means that your contact records are always up to date - see a client's purchase history at a glance, their interests, the ways in which you have categorised them and a full history of all communications.

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The Artlook Contact Record

floatbox Combining full addressing information with the automatically generated details of sales and previous communication histories, the Artlook contact record enables you to build a full and detailed picture of your clients and contacts and anyone with whom you regularly communicate.
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Multiple address, telephone numbers and email addresses can be recorded against each contact together with plenty of room for free-form comments. Assign each contact any number of user-defined Categories or Interests which can then be used with Views to create highly specific groupings – use these to manage regular mailings or start to get specific by narrowing down your choice to only contacts with specific interests, previous purchase histories, specific category types, or even contacts in a particular geographic area.

floatbox The Contact record will additionally let you record corporate information if part of an organisation, referral details and even relationships with other people on your database.

Mailing preferences are easily stored together with a useful “validation” field – a quick visual reminder for when you last had any contact with this person. This can even be extended by use of the Noted Activities which lets you record details of any conversations, visits etc.

Client accounts

floatbox As a fully integrated, single database system, Artlook automatically updates all areas of information for you – which means that Contact records always provide instant access to all transaction details.
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Through the Transactions tab you can see immediately all previous client sales (or items supplied) in a grid view or as a thumbnail view showing the image for each item – simply click on the item and you are viewing the detailed stock record for that piece.

Together with transaction records the current state of each contact’s account is displayed showing all invoices and payments. The system provides a sophisticated invoice settlement system including the facility to accept staged payments and payments on account. Although customer statements are generally managed from the Accounts section it is possible to generate a full statement from the contact record with just a single click.

Targeted mailings

floatbox Artlook makes it easy to manage your communications with contacts – start a new letter or email to a contact with a single click, create a mail merge letter to a selected group or build a list of e-mails for your next e-newsletter. But it is the ability to group your contacts by any types of criteria or previous purchase history that really lets you leverage the “targeting” capabilities of the system.
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Your database contains a vast fund of information about your contacts – some of this you have defined yourself (the categories you have applied to contacts, their noted interests etc.) but other information such as the details of previous purchases is automatically generated for you by the system. By using Artlook ‘Views’ it is easy to build groups of contacts based on any information held on the system. A simple View would be everyone with the Category of “Private View List” – a more complex view would be everyone who has purchased work by Artist A or Artist B in the last 12 months ... or who has an interest in Abstract Painting ... and who has been on the database less than 12 months.

You can use a View for a one off exercise (eg get the number of people who made a purchase this month last year) or save the View for future use – because the View is “dynamic” it will always return the contacts who currently meet your chosen criteria.

Once you have defined a group of Contacts within a View it is the work of a few clicks to send them a mail merge letter, print labels, export their email addresses, print a detailed report – or even make global changes to all the records in the view, such as adding or removing Interests or Categories. Any communications – via normal mailing or e-mail are automatically recorded against each contact record.

Filtering and searching

floatbox As your database of contacts grows it is critical that you find the correct records as swiftly as possible – Artlook includes numerous tools to ensure that you never lose a record, and if you do accidently duplicate an existing record you can easily “merge and purge” selected contacts
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Contact records can be filtered based on principal “types” (contact, customer, artist, supplier etc.) and it is easy to browse the database page by page or by alphabetical section. A “Quick Search” lets you locate the first instance of a particular contact name on the database – or filter the list just to show the records that match your query.

Beyond that you can search on literally any field of the contact record – using exact or partial matches – and this includes email addresses or even the text that you might have typed into the Contact Comments field.


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