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Using a simple drag and drop routine, associating individual stock records with an "event" or "catalogue" is very straightforward. For exhibitions, the details for each event can include title, start and end date, together with multiple free form description fields and a "key" image. Items can be dragged to change their sequence and then automatically numbered for the generation of printed catatogues, price lists and wall labels.

The system automically adds an "exhibition history" note against each piece of stock to show when and where an item was previously exhibited and it is even possible to create description notes or a special price which are only displayed (or printed) within the context of the event itself. Sales reports can be filtered to a single event providing an immediate analysis of the income arising.

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Artlook provides a powerful Slideshow option - this can be used with the Presentations module (which allows a simple free form grouping of any stock records) or also with an Exhibition. A full screen display of each item is generated and automatically runs in a permenanet loop; this is ideal for making use of your computer monitor within the gallery but when linked to a large screen display it can be a powerful additional display tool for use at art-fairs.





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