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Features - Sales processing

Using a simple transaction “wizard” Artlook guides you through the steps necessary to make a sale in seconds. Apply discounts, add additional charges, generate the customer invoice, and record payment all with just a few clicks. And because the system is fully integrated, the sales transaction automatically updates all relevant records – from the stock item, the client record, the supplier to your central accounting information.

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The Transaction Wizard

example3 Start a sale from within the contact record for your customer or from within the individual stock record and you will be presented with the transaction “wizard” which prompts for all necessary information required to record the sale fully.
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Each screen of the wizard covers different aspects of the transaction. Start by choosing your customer from the drop down list (just start typing their name) or create a new customer if they are not already on the system. Select whether there is to be a different invoice and delivery address if relevant. If you are selling to an overseas client Artlook will immediately identify this and adjust any relevant tax charges accordingly. Set the sale date, the sales person or department (Artlook enables you to analyse sales by operator or department, or even branch if you wish) and move to the next step.

Artlook will always calculate the relevant tax to be applied to the sale based on original acquisition/set up details or the location of the customer – accept the default or adjust if required. Apply any discounts – the system will always keep a record of the original list price and the new discounted value.

Apply any extra charges, such as shipping or framing (these can be included within the sale and accounted for separately or shown as an additional charge specific to the stock item), record any notes specific to the sale and click Finish to complete the process – Artlook will generate a customer invoice showing all relevant details for the piece being sold and any extras (invoices can be re-called and reprinted at any time and are of course fully customisable to suit your needs).

When selling multiple items in any one transaction you can use the Inventory Basket – simply drag the relevant stock records into the basket and click Process – the transaction wizard begins with all of your selected items already present and ready to process.

If a client is reserving and item you can set up all of the agreed details of the sale (such as discounts, additional charges etc,) and recall these instantly when the reservation needs to be "confirmed". Equally if you are processing the sale of an item which has previously been consigned out to another gallery or dealer, the details of the consingment arrangement (fixed price or percentage of the published list price) are remembered and automatically shown within the transaction wizard.

Client Accounts

example2 Artlook automatically keeps a detailed record of a client’s transactions, visible either through the Accounts area or from within the contact record. Payment details can be easily recorded and statements generated for outstanding accounts.
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Details of a payment can either be made immediately after the sales transaction or at any later date. Because the system maintains a client “account”, payments (with details of the payment type) can accepted against the full account balance, as full payment of an individual invoice or as a payment spread across multiple invoices. Generating a customer statement showing all historic transactions and any outstanding balances requires just one click and the detailed Payment Summary reports lets you see all outstanding accounts and the detailed purchases within each – great for managing staged payment or “lay away” schemes.


Sales analysis and reporting

example3 Artlook automates the process for recording all relevant income and expenditure details and provides a wealth of reports and analysis tools to see these at any time, over any date range or specifically by supplier, client, type of stock, exhibition, individual artist ... the options are virtually unlimited.
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The core Artlook Sales reports provide either summary or fully detailed transaction information over any date range – use the general over-view reports for income analysis or more specifc “criteria” based versions which let you analayse sales by an individual artist, sales to an individual client (or even a group of clients such as those on a special membership scheme), sales specific to an individual exhibition, a particular category of stock .. and so on. Because all data is permanently recorded it becomes very straightforward to generate reports comparing comparative sales achievements over time – view the value of sales year to date for this month compared to the same time last year for example.

All reports clearly show any VAT liabilities making it easy to track amounts owing – and indeed amounts to be reclaimed arising from sales made for items which have come from a VAT registered supplier.

Artlook has a distinct Accounts area which brings together all invoices, purchase orders and client accounts. Each item of stock can be viewed discretely as an individual cost centre showing debits (charges arising from the acquisition and sale), credits (income arising from the sale and any commission charges), VAT inputs and outputs, and even sundry income and expenses related to the individual item of stock. The system even includes a “Nominal Ledger” to show debits and credits for VAT, as well as any sundry income and expenditure types (shipping, framing etc.)


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