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Features - Managing and displaying your stock

Whatever your type of business, Artlook provides you with the ability to accurately record all relevant information regarding your stock, filter and display it as you wish, and find any piece instantly.

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The Artlook Stock Record

example2 Each item of inventory has its own detailed record, uniquely numbered, which opens with a double click to display the core information regarding the piece. From there a series of tabs provides access to further levels of detail.
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Each piece can be given a principal category to provide a basic level of grouping – the categories are entirely user-definable within the Preferences section of the system and are displayed as a drop down list. Wherever possible the system uses this system of “look ups” based on the information you have previously entered to make the setting up and editing of records as fast as possible. Within the main record you can easily pick from your lists of artists, different media, stock locations etc.

Attaching an image to the record is as simple as identifying the image file you wish to use – Artlook will automatically resize the image as a thumbnail or full size image and you can then also attach an unlimited number of “additional” images to the record. Once an image is added to a record it is processed and stored “within” the system – this means that there is no reliance on external image files.

The dimensions for a piece are automatically displayed in both centimetres and inches with full support for the display of fractions if working with inches – as well as the core values for height, width and depth you can also add text to the displayed dimensions, such as “including frame”.

As well as the core system generated reference number, fields are provided for you to add your own numbering systems which can be easily used as the basis for record sorting or searching. And most field “labels” can be edited to suit the way you work. Many parts of the stock record are “free form” – you can enter an unlimited amount of text in Description and Notes areas and format that text via the built in editor – this is also available for the History section of the record which is divided into Provenance, Literature and Exhibition History

Financial information

example2 During the set up process for any item of stock Artlook will present you with a range of options depending on whether the item is wholly owned or provided on consignment, the VAT registration status of the supplier, whether it is an import from abroad ......
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All of this information is available to review (and edit) from within the stock record. The Financial Information tab will clearly show the original acquisition cost (and appropriate tax) where an item is wholly owned. When an item has been supplied to you on consignment the type of consignment is displayed – this will either be an agreed fixed price for the consignor on the sale of the item or a commission charge (which can include VAT or show the VAT as an addition). In both cases the rates can be edited and you can also switch between the two types of consignment.

Where additional expenses have been incurred these can be added to the stock record at any time (even once the piece has been sold) to provide a full profit and loss record for the individual piece.

Artlook can be set to display the list price value of the item in two additional currencies and the currencies can be updated at any time to ensure that the displayed conversion values for all records are always accurate. Additional calculators let you manually calculate a conversion for any currency.

Once an item has been sold the Financial Information tab clearly displays all relevant income and expenditure together with resulting margins – all VAT charges, including margin scheme liabilities are automatically calculated and displayed.

All financial information is of course also included on the many reports available within the system which will calculate ongoing tax liabilities, reclaimable tax and the net amounts due to the consignors of works which you have sold.

Viewing your stock

example2 Organise your records any way you want and display them in a classic “memo” style with images or in a highly customisable grid (spreadsheet layout).
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Artlook has many features to enable you to display your records in a way that suits you best. Filters can control the basic rules of displaying just un-sold items, sold items, items currently consigned out or all records on the system at any time and within each filtered view you can also restrict the display to all work by a specific artist or all work in a specific stock category (eg Sculpture).

From there it is very easy to create more sophisticated Views which can restrict the display based on a more complex set of criteria, you may for instance want to see only un-sold stock purchased more than two years ago with a price between £2,000 and £5,000 and by any one of three different artists. Creating such a View takes just a few clicks and the result can be saved giving you one click access to a detailed sub-set of your stock database.

The grid style (spreadsheet) display can be highly customised – arrange the columns as you want and pick from any of the available fields to choose which columns you want to include or discard. In the Grid view you can also sort on any of the main field headings.

Filtering and searching

example2 Regardless of how large your database of stock becomes, Artlook's powerful search and filter options mean that records can be easily located and grouped in any way that suits you best.
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For the fastest results the Quick Search box will search on artist name, item title or reference but to go a little deeper the Field Search tools will let you search within any field on the stock record form, as an exact match or using "wildcards" (great for circumstances where all you know is "that it hase the workd blue in the title"!


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