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Features - Managing artists and suppliers

Maintaining a detailed record of your suppliers and the individual artists whose work you stock is made easy with Artlook – full biographical details for artists, up to the minute information about current stock which is fully owned or consigned in to you, consigned items which have been returned, recent sales made, and settlements due ... is all available with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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The Artist record

example2 The Artist record has all of the detail associated with a standard Contact record – but with an additional area to record information specific to that artist. Whether this is an artist whose work you represent and have acquired on the secondary market, or have obtained direct from the artist either as an outright purchase or on a consignment basis, this area lets you enter a wealth of biographical and other information.
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Unlimited fields are provided for Biography, Artist Statement, General Descriptions, Exhibitions, News and Bibliography – together with the ability to add a “key” image for the artist which can be used on printed “artist information” sheets, or of course on your web site. The Artist record also has fields for birth/death dates, nationality, place of birth, tax references (if also a VAT registered supplier), normal commission charged, and a section for recording multiple artist “types” (eg Painter, Ceramicist etc.), “styles” and “schools”, all of which can be configured in the Preferences section. As with everything in the system, the information you enter here can be used to create filtered “Views”.

From within the Artist record you can also view all of the work by them currently on the system and, if they are also a supplier, a record of when each piece was consigned or purchased.

Supplier settlements

example2 Artlook makes it simple to keep track of your stock – the items you own, those which are consigned to you, those which you have consigned out to other dealers or third parties, those which are sold and those which have been returned to the original consignor or artist. It also automates the process of settling with your suppliers once a piece is sold, generating all necessary paperwork and giving you an instant picture of all your current liabilities.
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Stock can be accepted from consignors either on the basis of a commission to be charged on sale, or a previously agreed fixed price (either of which can be amended at any time). The simple act of making a sale within the system will update every relevant record – the client record is obviously updated with the sale but also the supplier record, which means that you can immediately see what is owing and to whom.

Where an item is sold on commission Artlook can automatically generate a full VAT commission invoice or you can use the Supplier Settlement reports to show in full detail the value of the sale, your commission (with VAT charges either “absorbed” or added), the net balance owing to the supplier and even a clear statement of the relevant supplier VAT (if they are registered). Using either the detailed statement, or a more simple Remittance Advice, it is a matter of seconds to generate all the necessary paperwork to cover payments due to suppliers over any time period. Fixed Price supplies are handled in the same way, showing either the net balance due (in this case the previously agreed price) or generating a Purchase Order for all items actually sold.


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