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Artlook makes the business of managing your gallery simple with a wide range of features focussed on the key sales, marketing and accounting tasks you face every day. By fully integrating within one system all of the information regarding your stock, your customers, your suppliers and your artists, Artlook provides high levels of management efficiency and financial control and gives you the information to better understand your clients and prospective clients as you plan your on-going marketing efforts.

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Managing and displaying your stock

All of your inventory (current stock, sold stock, even unsold items which have been returned to the consignor), is instantly available to you with powerful search and filtering tools and a wealth of details regarding your sales and acquisitions.
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Working with contact records

Staying in touch with your clients and prospective clients, generating personalised letters, labels, even emails, from within Artlook is quick and simple. Target your marketing efforts efficiently and cost-effectively based on client interests, previous purchases or any type of recorded detail or categorisation.
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Managing artists and suppliers

Artlook simplifies the process of dealing with artists and suppliers, providing instant commission calculations, remittance statements and access to the details of all previous transactions.
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Sales processing

Recording a sale, taking customer details and generating an invoice is the work of a few clicks - and Artlook instantly updates all the relevant areas of the system as you do so, calculating commission charges, tax liabilities, profit margins....
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Exhibitions and Catalogues

Planning an exhibition, sorting the stock records, generating wall labels, catalogues and price lists.... Artlook makes light of a typically time consuming task
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Artlook reports give you an instantly available detailed analysis of your sales and expenses together with detailed listings of all of your stock in a wide variety of formats for the production of catalogues, price lists, labels, information sheets ....
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