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Web site management made simple with our first hosted version of Artlook

No software to install, accessible from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection, instant web site updating, simple inventory management ... and even a contacts database

Artlook On-Line is a new version of our established Artlook management system which has been developed specifically for galleries and artists whose principal interest is in a web site which can be maintained using a sophisticated, yet simple to use, inventory system.

Artlook On-Line is supplied as a “hosted” application. This means that there is no software to install and the database can be accessed, via a secure password protected administration area of your web site, from any computer with Internet access.

The Artlook On-Line database is completely connected to your web site which means that any change or addition is automatically reflected on your web pages.

While providing a detailed system for managing stock records, artist listings, exhibitions and even customer records, Artlook On-Line does not set out to provide the extremely wide functionality available in the full versions of Artlook for Galleries and Artlook for Artists. There is, for instance, no automated sales and acquisition system and while sales to clients can be recorded as part of an individual stock record there is no option for sales reporting, VAT calculations, supplier settlements or cost analysis.

The following is a summary of the core features available within Artlook On-Line:

Artist Records

Each Artist has their own detailed contact record to which can be added an unlimited amount of free-form text for biography or other information and a “key” image.

Inventory Records

Each inventory record contains the following fields: title, artist name, category, sub-category, description, notes (this field is not displayed on the web site), price (with optional “price on application” display), internal reference number, year of creation, medium, height, width, depth, status (sold or available), PayPal (if selected will add a Paypal button to the record on the web site enabling on-line sales)

An unlimited number of images can added to the individual inventory record.

When flagging an item as sold it is possible to pick the name of the client from a list of previously created contact records.

If setting up an Edition it is possible to add the total number of items within the edition and flag each item as sold or available, thereby always displaying the total number of items still available within the edition.

An information sheet can be generated (as a PDF) for a single record; wall labels can be generated for any grouping of records (such as an exhibition).


Events can be created as “announcement only” (ie for “news” or managing the display of a front paged featured work) or as conventional exhibitions. If the latter, it is possible to drag stock records onto the event so that these can be displayed on an Events page of the web site as a manual grouping of selected records from the database.

Each Event can have a start and finish date, unlimited descriptive text and a “key” image.

Contact Records

Artlook On-Line enables the creation of detailed contact records – by adding user-defined Categories to records it is possible to build filtered lists for the purposes of emailing or the creation of address labels.


A “Preferences” area allows for the creation of any relevant look up lists (such as stock types, medium, contact categories etc.) as well as the entry of specific details such as PayPal account information

Both Contact and Inventory databases can be searched in a variety of ways to return filtered displays based on the criteria entered.

There is a full and detailed on-line help system accessible from within the application.











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If you are not using the full Galleries or Artists versions of Artlook, Artlook On-Line can be used as the management system for any style of web site which we create. Naturally we can offer a fully customised design service but with Artlook On-Line we can also offer low cost template based sites

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