Managing your inventory, dealing with artists and suppliers, staying in touch with clients and keeping your website always up to date

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Artlook Cloud is a complete on-line art gallery management system with no software to install and ready to use on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. All of the features that you need to track inventory, process sales, manage your marketing and contacts, manage your website …… available anywhere, at any time.

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All of your inventory, past and present (current stock, sold stock, even unsold items which have been returned to the consignor), is instantly available to you with powerful search and filtering tools.

Record as much or as little detail about each item as you want – the available fields provide everything needed from simple record keeping through to full cataloguing

  • A detailed record for every piece of stock with multiple fields for all relevant information
  • Attach multiple images to each record plus PDF documents and videos
  • Easily record offers made and link to contacts
  • See the history of an item at a glance: sales, consignment, exhibition submission
  • Definable stock categories and sub categories and unlimited tags
  • Detailed financial information for purchased or consigned stock
  • User definable stock reference numbers
  • Free form fields for description, notes, provenance and exhibition history
  • Create a LIGHTBOX for selected records with just a few clicks and share the result on-line with clients as a private viewing area
  • ‘Replicate’ feature for fast record setups
  • Create GROUPS for any records with associated details – easy exhibition management with instant catalogues, price lists and wall labels
  • Create editioned items from a single master record
  • Bulk import routine automatically creates new stock records from uploaded images
  • Import full detailed records and images from other Artlook users (encourage your artists to use Artlook and cut your setup times dramatically!)


The Artlook DASHBOARD provides an at-a-glance overview of your entire system.

Review current stock levels and recent sales, profit and loss across selected date ranges and even the details of your most recent marketing campaigns. From the Dashboard you can also generate supplier remittances, customer statements, and record client payments.

  • Snapshot shows current stock levels (with availability), and your contacts (with categorisations), plus most recent sales, and sales values versus purchase costs
  • The CALENDAR automatically shows upcoming exhibitions and any internal notes and reminders you have created
  • Detailed sales ledger – see all your invoices and those where payment is outstanding; record payment or generate client statements
  • Purchase ledger shows a history of stock costs – see consignors for whom payment is due, generate remittances and mark as settled
  • Run detailed P&L reports by date, by artist, by supplier, by stock type
  • See your current stock grouped by category, status, artist, acquisition method and more
  • Review your contacts by type and associated tags – see a list of all purchasers in ascending order of sales value
  • Review your marketing campaigns and see the lists you are managing through the direct integration with your MAILCHIMP account


Mark items as sold with just a few clicks and generate an invoice to print or email directly from the system as a PDF.

The system automatically updates client and consignor records and your P&L ledger.

  • Sell to existing contacts or create new records on the fly
  • Set the item location automatically or record other details (eg ‘Awaiting Dispatch’)
  • Add delivery charges with detailed description and optional delivery address
  • Add multiple sundry charges to the sale with detailed descriptions
  • Add frame details and charges with full description text
  • Over-ride taxation scheme or accept the default (determined by acquisition type)
  • Mark as paid immediately or add to the outstanding invoice queue


With Artlook’s Contacts database, managing your clients, your prospects, your artists and suppliers has never been easier.

As a fully integrated system, Artlook updates every part of the system automatically which means that your contact records are always up to date – see a client’s purchase history at a glance, their interests, the ways in which you have categorised them and a full history of all previous marketing activity.

  • Search on any part of the contact record to easily locate individuals or groups
  • Create lists based on any range of criteria and globally tag records for easy recall
  • Export selected records with full address details to spreadsheet for mailings
  • Export email addresses – or link DIRECTLY to your MAILCHIMP account
  • Track mailing campaigns and measure effectiveness
  • Add multiple phone and email details for each contact
  • User the RAPID ADDRESSING tool to add contact address details from just postcode and house number


Review the complete history of a consignor/artist’s supplies and returns at a glance.

Easy set-ups for any type of stock acquisition let you record direct costs and taxes arising, or the details of a consignment/sale or return arrangement based on percentage commission or agreed fixed price on sale.

  • Automatic calculation of tax liabilities specific to the acquisition type including full support for MARGIN SCHEME tax
  • Transact with Consignors on a commission or fixed price basis
  • Select whether to pass commission VAT to consignor, absorb the cost, or split
  • Generate detailed consignment notes or purchase orders for each item
  • Easily review all work consigned in from a specific supplier or artist
  • System calculates consignor liabilities automatically when an item is sold
  • Detailed stock book reports show current inventory by acquisition types or supplier


From detailed management reports across all aspects of your business to highly designed printouts for stock information, Artlook has a library of layouts and templates to meet every requirement.

Personalise your report outputs with your own header and footer information – or request a fully custom layout.

  • Detailed stock books for current inventory with all necessary tax and acquisition details
  • Sales reporting by date range, stock type, individual artist or supplier – with detailed tax liabilities
  • Add your logo to invoice and supplier remittance layouts
  • Single item information sheets for printing or creation as PDF
  • Wall labels, catalogues and price lists for exhibitions and events
  • Export to Word, Excel or PDF


Manage your website using Artlook.

Our websites are fully integrated with Artlook for Galleries which means that keeping your site updated has never been easier or faster. Contact us today to discuss how we can convert your current site or design and build an entirely new site.

You can see examples of our previous custom website designs here – we will also soon be releasing a range of fully featured, low cost template sites for galleries to complement the template sites which we currently offer to our Artist clients.

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