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Whether you are just starting out or need to bring some order to life in a busy studio, Artlook has a wealth of features and tools to get you organised. Use as many or as few of the features as you want – there are no annoying ‘minimums’ you need to add to each of the records you create. And as your catalogue builds you can see the results instantly on the website that is included with your subscription.

Remember, if you just want a website and would like us to get everything set up for you then we would be happy to do that – just drop us a line or give us a call.
(Feature items marked (s) are only in available in the Studio package)


You can add as much or as little information as you want for each record, categorise and tag in any way that suits and control the way in which records are displayed.

  • Choose how you browse your work – detailed records or a simple list
  • Categorise and tag for easy search and grouping
  • Upload multiple images for each record
  • Multiple item reference numbers
  • Search, sort and filter on any field
  • Build ‘dynamic’ lists which update automatically or create free-form groupings
  • Upload images in bulk to create new records
  • Multiple fields for detailed descriptions, notes, provenance etc.
  • Attach documents to stock records
  • ‘Replicate’ feature for fast record setups
  • See the history of an item at a glance: sales, consignment, exhibition submissions etc; see the price charged at different times
  • ‘Lightboxes’ – create bespoke private on-line viewing of selected works for your customers


Whether you just want to record what has been sold – or you want to generate invoices and track payments, Artlook makes the process very simple

  • Easily mark an item as sold (or reserved) with just one click
  • Link sale to an existing contact or create a new contact at the time of sale
  • Set the sale date and actual price if different from list
  • Use your own invoice numbering system
  • View the client details – or see all purchases within an individual client record
  • Generate professional looking invoices and add your logo and payment details
  • Add free form text to an individual invoice
  • Export invoices as Word, PDF or CSV files
  • Easily cancel or edit previously generated invoices
  • Email invoices from within the system
  • View detailed sales reports, by date range, client etc.
  • Track your payments – see at a glance which invoices are outstanding
  • Include framing charge and description (s)
  • Add delivery charges from editable look up list (s)
  • Add unlimited sundry charges to invoice (s)
  • Full download of all sales data as spreadsheet (s)


Easily create editions of any size from a single master record
This feature is only available in the ‘Studio’ package

  • Setup master records for editioned works
  • No limit to the size of edition
  • Over-ride the automatic numbering system to set A/P numbers etc.
  • Each item within an edition can be sold, reserved, consigned in the same way as a single work
  • Add notes to each edition item
  • Set different prices within the edition


Track the work which you have out on consignment with galleries, on loan or submitted to exhibitions or competitions

  • Easily track each item which is out on consignment or loan
  • Record full details of the consignment – set agreed price or percentage return and duration of the consignment agreement
  • Process sales arising from the consignment with the agreed or percentage value automatically applied to the client invoice
  • Generate professional consignment agreement documents
  • Consign single items or create a group of of items to be consigned in bulk
  • Process a multi item consignment with one click – generate client invoice and return unsold items to stock
  • Print a report of all items currently consigned


Artlook includes a full contacts database which automatically links to client purchases

  • Keep track of your contacts and clients
  • Easily categorise each record or add unlimited tags for filtering and searches
  • Find any record instantly
  • Contact records update automatically to show purchases within the record
  • Easily create a print out of purchases by a single client
  • Add a photograph to contact records
  • Filter the list to just buyers with one click
  • Record mailing preferences
  • Export all contacts or just a filtered list for easy bulk emailing


Stay on top of your accounts or print off beautiful single page information sheets of your work

  • Full library of reports that let you keep track of all your activity
  • Export reports as PDF, CSV (for spreadhseets), or Word documents
  • Create Wall Labels, Catalogues and Price Lists, Information Sheets
  • Full Stock Book report shows details for everything on the system
  • Sales Report filters by date and/or client
  • Consignment Report shows all consignee activity with the location of every item


Your Artlook subscription includes a complete website and a choice of templates, font and colour options. Artlook websites have been professionally designed and work perfectly on any size of screen.

  • Directly manage your website from within the system
  • Choose which items are to be published on your website
  • Create an unlimted number of website ‘Galleries’ to organise your work
  • Create and edit an unlimited number of pages for your website
  • Easy WYSIWYG editor for text
  • Upload your own logo
  • Add a Paypal ‘Buy Now’ button for any item
  • Use the Artlook website domain name or use your own custom domain name
  • Add Meta-Keywords and Meta-Description to your site for SEO
  • Change your website template at any time
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